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Enthralling Evaporation Event

Y4 Investigate the relationship between the surface area of a container and the rate at which evaporation takes place.

Y4 set up their first fair experiment of the year this week, trying to find the answer to the question of whether the surface area of a container affects how quickly evaporation happens.

We had to make sure we only changed one variable in order to ensure our test was fair. This variable was the surface area of the containers we used.

The variables we had to make sure we kept the same were:

Where we put the containers

The amount, temperature and type of liquid we used in each container

How long we left the containers between initial and final measurements 

We made our predictions and then watched eagerly over a week until measuring how much water had evaporated from each of the containers.

We made tables and a scatter graph in order to spot any patterns in our results.

If you want to know what the results were and what we managed to discover then please ask us!

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