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Year 6 Blog

Below are some wonderful updates from our Y6 children and their families. Please share any of your home-learning activities by emailing Feel free to share photos and videos if you are happy for them to be published on the school website and remember to include your year group and first name. 


Thank you.

Jack has been working through his home learning pack and has made a wanted poster

Jack has been working on his geography and has made posters with the information he has found

Jack has been doing some gardening and has made an outdoor kitchen for his little brother

Aidan helped his dad celebrate his birthday with this amazing home made present

Carter has made his very own board game complete with questions and forfeits

Tyler has been busy with his 'pebble painting' entry

Lexi has completed the 'creative photography', 'can you spot it?' and 'Can you cook it?' challenges

Lexi has completed Mrs Downing's 'find it' challenge

Lexi W has joined in with the pebble painting and bookmark making challenges

James and Freddy have been keeping busy with some creative ideas

Aiden used eating ice lollies and reading in the sunshine as inspiration for Mr Curtis's challenge

Ethan's pebble painting entry

Ethan joined in with Mr Curtis's 'make it' challenge

Lexi-Jayne has been making a time capsule

Angel has been getting creative in school during the planets themed week

Jace-Ryan has been learning to play the drums

Still image for this video

Jace-Ryan has been busy creating posters and making graphs.