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Year 5 Blog

Below are some wonderful updates from our Y5 children and their families. Please share any of your home-learning activities by emailing Feel free to share photos and videos if you are happy for them to be published on the school website and remember to include your year group and first name. 


Thank you.

Finley really enjoyed a walk around Rivelin Valley with his family

Jessica and Jack have been helping their little brother Charlie with his school work to show how a tree changes through the seasons

Tyler had a spare few minutes so filled them making this amazing paper mache penguin

Olivia A has written this excellent piece of descriptive writing. 


Writing task 3.

QFL: How can I plan a description using noun phrases?


Thump! He slammed his enormous, grass covered foot into the middle of the road, sending shockwaves of dust in all directions. As they came to a screeching stop, cars - that were swerving to avoid the huge, bark covered troll - were beeping their horns and leaving tyre tracks on the tarmac. In desperation, all of the frightened people abandoned their lovely homes before the troll could damage them. The towering troll, with moss covered feet from the jungle, was double the length of a house on the constructed street. Under his arm, he was carefully holding a sailor’s boat as if it was a toy. Seaweed dangled like a rope from the sailing boat making the area smell of the sea. Carefully, he ripped off a roof from one of the brick houses curious of what this land was.  The people were puzzled with the odd troll as it calmly peeked through the lifted roof. The people’s minds blurred in confusion as the troll gently glanced at the people below looking at him muddled. The troll’s dark shadow shaded the area making it cold to stand there. Dust was spreading around filling the area of unclear confusion. As the unusual troll shivered, the ground shuck as if an earthquake was coming and so the area came gloomy with dust unrolling.



Sam has been busy making flatbreads and writing an excellent poem about friendship

Tyler has made this seal using only wire - what a clever idea

Check out Tyler's amazing creations

Exciting times for Tyler as the release of the butterflies happened

Jake has been planning a discussion on whether schools should have closed

Isabelle has been getting creative in the sunshine

Exciting times for Tyler as the butterflies have arrived!

Jake has been working on his times tables on TT rockstars

Isla has written her very own VE day poem

Tyler has been learning some very exciting new skills

Ellie-Mai has been keeping up with her daily exercise

Isla has been busy at home with lots of creative tasks

Jake has completed the 'find it' and 'pebble painting' challenges

Jake has really enjoyed completing Miss bruce's challenge

Today Abbie has been learning about the science behind air. Including blowing different sorts of bubbles with different instruments and making paper aeroplanes and finding out which different method makes them fly the furthest or fastest. Shes loved every minute of today and the bubbles have also helped clean the kitchen floor!

Ellie-Mai has been creating some lovely art work

Jake has completed Mr Curtis's 'make it' challenge

Kelsie joining in with Miss Brown's challenge

Still image for this video

Tyler's entry to Miss Holmes's challenge

Tyler had a go at Mrs Pritchard's challenge

Still image for this video

William has joined in with Miss Holmes's challenge

Tyler has been rearing painted lady butterflies - feeding them on nettle leaves

Jake has been doing some preparation work in the garden ready for a mini digger

Finley managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine

Jake has been keeping himself busy both inside and outside

Finley has enjoyed making some more creative art

Jake and Thomas getting creative in school during the planet themed week

Isabelle has been hard at work with Roman numerals

Finley and his family have created some beautiful art work and had fun with salt dough

Jessica and Jack have been making a large cushion today for their outdoor playhouse

Some beautiful sights on Miss Holmes's daily walks

Isabelle embarking on an adventure in the local woods

Finley has been getting creative with the paint

Miss Ellis is keeping up with her daily reading

Jessica has been completing daily workouts of the body and mind

Tyler has been busy in both the garden and the kitchen