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Year 4 - Mr Curtis (Adventurers) and Mr MacDonald (Explorers)

Dear Parent/Carer,


Welcome to year 4! Our team this year consists of Mr MacDonald, Mr Curtis, Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Marriott, Mrs Lindley and Mr Mason.


Year 4 had an extremely positive start to the year. We  started our English work using a picture book ‘The Lost Thing’ and our first novel ‘The Iron Man’ in our English lessons. There was plenty of excitement from the children as they got to know the characters of the story and complete their interesting writing tasks throughout the learning journey. We haven't quite finished 'The Iron Man' yet, something I'm sure the children are looking forward to when we manage to get back into the classroom. 


In maths, we covered place value. addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. The children made great progress using the formal written methods they started using in year 3, applying them to larger numbers and word problems. As well as this, the children learned new times tables song in preparation for the year 4 times table assessment. We have now learned the songs for all the times tables which will help the children recall their table facts with greater speed and accuracy. We are asking the children to use TT rockstars regularly at home.


Our project for this term is the Romans. We want to learn all about the Romans, how they used to live, how their lives were different to our lives are now and what was the legacy they left behind for us. Our study will create non-chronological reports based on areas of interest for the children.


Our P.E. days this term are Monday and Wednesday and we ask that all children have P.E. kit consisting of black shorts and white t-shirt in school on these days.


We’ve had great success using our reading journals to record home reading in the Autumn term - something we want to continue throughout the year and something which is a great idea as it gives them time away from screens whilst working at home. Our expectations are that the children read at home each day for a minimum of 5 minutes. We ask that you initial their reading journal after this has been done. Sometimes the children might want to read independently but we find that the more time they spend reading with an adult, the better they become at reading as the adults can help correct mistakes and ask questions about what they have read (there is a great page in the reading journals full of question ideas for anyone who isn’t sure about what sort of questions to ask).


If you have any questions about any of this information feel free to catch us on the playground after school or use the e-mail addresses or and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, you can follow the classes on twitter through the handles @rrjmrmacdonald and @RrjCurtis.



Mr MacDonald and Mr Curtis

Pictures of Explorers enjoying our work so far this year