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Year 4 Blog

Below are some wonderful updates from our Y4 children and their families. Please share any of your home-learning activities by emailing Feel free to share photos and videos if you are happy for them to be published on the school website and remember to include your year group and first name. 


Thank you.

Maisie has had fun making her very own lava lamps

Noah has been helping make tea today which his mum said tasted lovely

Miley did a drawing of a neighbour's house, sent it them when it was finished and got a lovely reply in return

Noah and Isaac have made their very own news report

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Macy had fun making these amazing buns. She weighed out all the ingredients and only had a little help from mum.

Alisha has been busy with a variety of tasks at home

Miley has collected data and made her very own bar chart

Maisie is getting ready for VE day with some fantastic flags

Maisie has been on loads of local walks

Macy has had fun walking, running and doing star jumps as her family set a score of 2208 points for Mr Mac's challenge

Miley has been training hard for Mr Mac's 1000 point challenge

Helen created this fantastic book mark for Mr Mac

Miley has been busy all week, completing daily 3k runs with her mum as well as other exercises

Ellie has completed Mr Curtis's 'make it' challenge

Ellie has been working hard at home

Ellie completed miss brown's dance challenge

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Evie has completed Mrs Pritchard's 'spot it' challenge

Evie has completed Miss Brown's dance challenge

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Macy has completed Mr Curtis's 'make it' challenge

Macy has joined in with Mrs Pritchard's 'spot it' challenge

Evie and her mum have joined in with Mr Curtis's challenge

Macy added star jumps to her daily walk today with help from her dad

Macy joining in with Miss Brown's dance challenge

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Noah and Isaac have been enjoying reading and writing some book reviews

Macy looking very cool on a walk with her family - earning 162 points for her Mr Mac challenge at the same time

Darci has been learning how she can help around the house - much to the delight of her mum

Noah and Isaac have created this amazing fairy garden using materials from their garden

Evie and her mum have had a go at Miss Holmes's painted stones challenge

Noah took the opportunity to do some bird watching on his daily walk

Alisha and her sisters have been getting very creative and doing plenty of reading

Miley has been enjoying the weather by making volcanoes outside

Darci has made her very own sculpture in the style of andy goldsworthy

Noah has been exploring his creative side with plenty or art and baking

Jessica has written a letter to the nhs, made her own model and created a fantastic piece of artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Noah and Isaac hard at work studying the Stone age

Darci has enjoyed exploring her creative side with some science and baking as well as enjoying some reading and the BBC bitesize history lessons

An interesting sight on Mr Curtis's daily walk

Mr Mac has been busy in the garden and making sure he has been doing his daily exercise

Miley has been getting creative at home with her sister

Maisie taking part in her first BBC bitesize history lesson