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Wellbeing Wed & Feel Good Friday

Starting Friday 5th February, we're excited to introduce....


Wellbeing Wednesday and Feel Good Friday


On these two afternoons each week, we are encouraging the children to reduce their 'screen time' and take part in a range of meaningful activities which they will still learn a lot from, but will also support their wellbeing and encourage positivity. 


On Wednesdays and Fridays, your child's class teacher will not set a project / non-core subject lesson on google classroom. There will still be English, Maths and Guided Reading which the children will be expected to complete, but the below activities will replace any additional lessons on these days and encourage them to put the laptop / ipad / tablet down, often get outside and take part in something different. 


We will be continuing to add to the menu of activities below, and also be including some links to sites with suggestions, pictures, examples, how to's etc to support them. 


Children should choose one activity from the list below every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. We would love to hear / see how they get on. Please feel free to share photos with us which we can tweet / put on our school website with your permission. These should be sent to your child's class email address, e.g for Mrs Pritchard's Class. 


Thank you and enjoy!


Menu of activities so far to choose from:


  • Play a game with your family (board games, hide and seek or something else)
  • Make a homemade musical instrument
  • Bake or cook something
  • Take some photos to create a lockdown album
  • Create a treasure map, hide something and ask someone else in your house to try and find it using your map
  • Do something nice for the people at home (cook dinner, get them a drink, look after your sibling)
  • Make a picture and send it to someone
  • Record yourselves showing off your talent (it might be singing or dancing)
  • Talk about your favourite memories with your friends or family
  • Talk about your hopes or dreams for the future
  • Watch your favourite film with your family
  • Go on a bike or scooter ride
  • Go on a walk
  • Play games with your family in the garden or on your own
  • Choose your favourite colour and see how many things you can find with that colour
  • Build a den
  • Build a bug hotel
  • Build something with lego
  • Do some gardening / plant something during spring time
  • Make a bird feeder out of recycled materials
  • Build the tallest tower you can
  • Create your own jigsaw
  • Complete a jigsaw
  • Create a piece of artwork using materials you find in nature (e.g. twigs and leaves)
  • Share a story
  • Learn a new skill from someone at home, something they can do you can't