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What shall I do if my child is ill?

We ask that you contact school before 9:30am on 01709 710574 to advise us why your child is not attending school or leave a message with your child's name, class and reason for absence.

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea due to a stomach bug, we ask that you keep him/her off school for a clear 48 hours from the last episode of illness. This is to ensure nothing is passed on in school.

What shall I do if I arrive late to school?

You will need to take your child to the school reception desk and sign him/her in the late book and order a school meal if required. Please note, if you arrive later than 9:45am it may not be possible for a school meal to be ordered and you will need to make other arrangements for your child's lunch.

What if my child has a medical appointment?

A medical card or appointment letter is required. Please take this to the school office in advance of your appointment and an authorisation letter will be given to you to take to your appointment. You child will then need to be signed out at the office.


What if my child needs medicine?

We can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. All medicines are kept securely in the school office.  A medical form needs to be completed from the school office and medicine delivered and collected by an adult. Medicine will be refrigerated if stated on the prescription label.

Can I take my child out of school on holiday during term time?

The following is very important advice from the government for any parents/carers who are considering booking family holidays in term time from the beginning of this term. A revised code of conduct for the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices was agreed by the Cabinet on 6th August 2018. The revised code of conduct came into effect at the beginning of September. The main changes are as follows:-


• A Fixed Penalty Notice should be issued for holidays in term time when a child’s attendance falls below the combined national average percentage (currently this is 95.3%)


• The time period considered has been amended to include the holiday period taken and the previous 12 months’ attendance.


Please note that a Fixed Penalty Notice may also be issued where parents/carers take children on holiday in term time without informing the school by completing the leave of absence form. Fixed Penalty Notices are currently set at £60.00 per parent/carer.


Clearly this is significant news for any parents/carers considering family holidays in term time so I felt it important to ensure everyone was fully informed about it. Rotherham Borough

Council have updated their code of conduct for the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices and this can be found on the school’s website.


How much is a school meal?

School meals are charged at £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week.


How do I book and pay for my child's school dinners?

All items to be paid for  i.e breakfast club, school visits, music tuition etc must be paid on the SchoolMoney website. You will be issued with user names and passwords and reminders can be sent out to you via text message as required.

See link below for school money:


Where do I buy my child's school uniform?

See the link below:


How do I register for Breakfast Club?

If you would like your child to attend Breakfast club, please contact the reception and we will add them to our register. Breakfast club is run from 8am daily and is £2 per session.  We ask that payment is made via the SchoolMoney website.


How does my child sign up for after school clubs? 

An online google form will be sent out by text every half term, which will give you the option to request a place at your required after school club. You will be notified by text if your child has been offered a place, this will also confirm the day and time of the club. If you would like to know what after school clubs are on, please visit the school clubs page on our website.


I can't collect my child at home time and wish to send someone else?

Please call school before 3pm and advise staff about who will be collecting your child. If we are not made aware we will not let your child leave school without speaking to you for confirmation. This is in the interest of safety for your child. If that adult collecting your child is not known to a member of staff in school, we will ask to see photo ID when they arrive to collect your child.


Can my child walk home by themselves?

If your child regularly walks home by themselves you will have completed a permission slip to say this will be happening. If you have not completed a permission slip we will not allow your child to walk home by themselves unless you contact the school office before 3pm.

If you have any other questions or queries please call into school or call on 01709 710599 or email 

Thank You