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Mr MacDonald's 'Exercise' Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge Rosehill children? Each week, 5 new weekly challenges will be set by the teachers in school, as well as Mr Holmes and Mr Wagstaff. You have a week to complete the challenge. If you would like to, please share your response by emailing with your pictures, videos etc and we will post it to this page. 


We hope as many of you can take part as possible. We encourage you to take part in as many of the challenges as you like, you don't just have to do the ones set by your class teacher. 

Mr Mac's Million Meter Mega Mission!


Ok everyone, I've gone big with the challenge this week and I'm going to need as much help as possible.


The aim is simple - I want to try and walk a million meters between us. 


All you need to do is ask parents/carers to work out how long your daily walks are, multiply them by the number of people you are walking with and send me the number of meters you have walked between you.


If you want to take some pictures to accompany your daily totals, that would be great and please feel free to send in an entry every time you do a walk.


I will be keeping a running total of how many metres we have walked as a school community on this page.

Total so far = 44312 meters 

Ellie and her family have been on a 3 mile walk around Elsecar Reservoir, 4 people walking 3 miles means they walked 19312 metres!

Logan has been on a 5km family walk, that's a whopping 5000 metres walked by 5 people so 25000 metres in total! What a great way to start the counter

Any form of exercise is good for you but can you imagine moving and helping your parents/carers at the same time?


That is precisely the aim of my next challenge. I want you to see how many points you can earn before you next see me and I would love to see pictures of you completing tasks.


Hoover any room - 10 points

Wash the dishes - 10 points

Tidy your bedroom - 25 points (it needs to be spotless!)

Make someone a drink - 5 points (if it is a hot drink, you need to check with an adult if you are allowed to do this)

Help in the garden - 10 points

Hang the washing out - 10 points

Help clean the kitchen/bathroom - 20 points (check with parents/carers what you can do to help).


Parents/carers might even set you a target and if you reach it give you a reward of their choice.


So get cracking and send your pictures to so that we can see what you have done.

Declan is still helping out as much as he can around the house

Evie has been helping with the washing and making some delicious looking pancakes

Ellie has earned her points by making her bed and hoovering

Evie has helped out by getting stuck into some hoovering

Noah has been helping with the washing and hoovering

Declan has been helping in and our of the house

Aiden has been helping loads around the house this week, keeping a tally of the points he has earned

Ethan has racked up an amazing 310 points this week by hoovering daily, helped in the garden, tidied his room and washed the pots

Ethan and his brothers have amassed an astonishing 400 points helping their mum around the house!

It looks like Maisie is on her way to her first 20 points by helping clean the bath

Week 1: The Thousand Point Challenge


Can you and your family members earn 1000 or more points in my weekly challenge? Can you beat my score?


This competition has two categories: individual scores and family scores.


Points are awarded for the following activities and are added up over the week to give you a final score, combining exercise and maths!


1 minute walking = 1 point

1 sit up = 1 point

1 star jump = 1 point

1 body weight squat = 1 point

1 press up = 1 point

1 crunch = 1 point


Keep a record of your points each time you exercise and feel free to post pictures both on twitter and to of you and your family taking part in the challenge.


At the end of the week, send your individual and family points totals (which can be over 1000) to the above e-mail address if you want to be in with a chance of appearing on our virtual podium.


Best of luck!


Mr Mac

Declan has been exercising and keeping fit

Jack has been keeping fit with some daily exercises

The MacDonald family have posted a weekly score of 5106 points with Mr Mac posting a weekly score of 4818 points

Macy and her family have posted a total of 2208 points this week - what a great effort!

Miley has kept her training going with some interesting bicep results!

Miley has been busy all week, completing daily 3k runs with her mum as well as other exercises

Macy and her family have completed another 90 minute walk and today added 100 star jumps

Macy earned 162 points for this walk with her family yesterday and looked very cool too!

A quick demonstration of each of the exercises