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Mr Curtis' 'Can you make it?' Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge Rosehill children? Each week, 5 new weekly challenges will be set by the teachers in school, as well as Mr Holmes and Mr Wagstaff. You have a week to complete the challenge. If you would like to, please share your response by emailing with your pictures, videos etc and we will post it to this page. 


We hope as many of you can take part as possible. We encourage you to take part in as many of the challenges as you like, you don't just have to do the ones set by your class teacher. 

Time to enter the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry!

You’ve received your letter from Hogwarts asking you to join the school, congratulations! What does every young witch and wizard need? Of course, a wand! Your challenge this week is to create your own wand to take with you to Hogwarts.


You can create blueprints for your own wand, think about the materials you would use, will it be a classic wand or does it use science as well as magic? If you have the materials then why not create a model of your wand?


Remember to email pictures of your finished wands to, I can’t wait to see them!


P.S remember... you don’t choose the wand, the wand chooses you!

Ellie B has created a wand with the power to save people. And it looks like she's all set to go to Hogwarts!

Declan has created a wonderfully colourful wand

Jack has created his own wand to complete this challenge

Evie has created a wonderful wand, I wonder how powerful it could be

I’ve been playing a game recently called Animal Crossing. The idea of the game is that you begin on a deserted island and build a community.


Your challenge from me this week is to imagine, design and create your own island community! You will need to think about the buildings you’re going to include, will it be a town/city or a holiday island with hotels? How will your islanders leave the island? Boat, plane, train? What entertainment will your island have?


You can draw your island like I have, or you might want to plan it like the examples from the other pictures. You could even create a model of your island if you have the materials! Remember to email your pictures to, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Jack looks very happy to have completed yet another challenge

Lexie B has completed the challenge with this great entry

Ellie B has completed the challenge with this great entry

Fed up of losing your place in a book? Or are you tired of using the same bookmark? Why not create a brand new bookmark!


Your challenge is to make your very own personalised bookmark. You can personalise it using any design, pictures, colours, glitter or shape you like!


Remember, be creative and email a picture of your bookmark to!

Jack has made a great VE day inspired bookmark

Ava M has made this lovely bookmark

Noah M has completed the challenge

Mrs Mac (Helen) created this book mark for Mr Mac

Ellie B has completed the challenge

Lexi W has completed the challenge

Macy has completed the challenge

Jake has completed the challenge

Evie T and her mum have completed the challenge

Aiden has been inspired by eating ice lollies in the sunshine whilst reading

Ethan B's fantastically creative effort