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Miss Holmes' 'Art' Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge Rosehill children? Each week, 5 new weekly challenges will be set by the teachers in school, as well as Mr Holmes and Mr Wagstaff. You have a week to complete the challenge. If you would like to, please share your response by emailing with your pictures, videos etc and we will post it to this page. 


We hope as many of you can take part as possible. We encourage you to take part in as many of the challenges as you like, you don't just have to do the ones set by your class teacher. 

Hello everybody.  I hope you are all keeping safe.  There were some great portraits from my second challenge - well done.  For my next challenge, I would like you to create a picture using rubbings of objects.

The artist Max Ernst uses rubbings to create unusual landscapes/pictures using a rubbing technique called ‘Frottage’. 

Create your own weird and wonderful picture from rubbings around your home.   You can use anything for this: oil pastels, wax crayons, pencil crayons, pencils etc.  Experiment with different surfaces then decide what will work best for your picture.


Look around your home and outside for different textures – eg, bricks, colander, tree bark, radiator, leaves.  How many different textures can you find?

Miss Holmes’s Art challenge 2


Hi everybody. It was great to see some of your great pebble designs. This week, I am setting you a new challenge and I hope that even more of you join in.  


Below is a painting by Pablo Picasso. Your challenge is to create a portrait of either yourself, a member of your family or it could be a celebrity in a similar style. All you will need is some cardboard (from boxes), paint or felt tips and some glue or masking tape. If you are feeling really creative, why not use a range of different materials to make your portrait? You can add anything that you want to. Be creative.


I have added some examples below.








Jack has completed the challenge with this fantastic entry

Lexie has completed the challenge with this fantastic creation

Ellie has completed the challenge with this fantastic picture

Miss Holmes's Art Challenge

Hi everybody.  Hope you are all keeping safe but finding lots of activities to keep you busy.  My challenge for you is to paint a pebble.  I’ve had a go and it was fun to do.  Get your paints out or your felt tips and see how creative you can be.  I’ve added lots of different examples to inspire you and I’m looking forwards to seeing yours.

Declan has created this excellent painting

It looks like Lexie B had a great time completing the challenge

Jake has completed the challenge

Tyler has completed the challenge

Lexi W has completed the challenge

Ethan B's effort

Tyler R's Entry

WIlliam B's entry

Evie T and her mum's entry