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Miss Ellis' 'Book' Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge Rosehill children? Each week, 5 new weekly challenges will be set by the teachers in school, as well as Mr Holmes and Mr Wagstaff. You have a week to complete the challenge. If you would like to, please share your response by emailing with your pictures, videos etc and we will post it to this page. 


We hope as many of you can take part as possible. We encourage you to take part in as many of the challenges as you like, you don't just have to do the ones set by your class teacher. 

Thanks for your entries to my last challenge of reading in a strange place, it was nice to see where you found to sit and enjoy a book.


For my next challenge, I would like you to send a picture of you sharing a picture book with someone (if you don't have a picture book, any book will do).

This could be sharing face to face with someone in your house or using social media to share via a screen e.g. sharing with a friend or family member you don't live with via Zoom or Facebook messenger.


I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Ellie B has been sharing a book with her sisters

Hi everyone,


I am really enjoying seeing what you are all up to on the learning blog and in the teacher’s challenges.  It has been great to see so many wonderful reading dens from my last challenge. 


For my second challenge, I would like to see a photograph of you reading a book somewhere unusual.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the different places that you find where you can enjoy reading a book.  I found the boot of the car surprisingly comfortable!

Declan looks comfy in his unusual reading location

Ellie B has completed the challenge with this interesting entry

Evie has joined the challenge with this super entry

Jack's reading location definitely meets the unusual criteria

Jake has completed the challenge by reading in the shower. Thankfully, he made sure it wasn't on at the time.

Hi everyone,


I have enjoyed seeing all of your entries from last week.  I hope that you are looking forward to another week of teacher’s challenges.


Well, for me, there is no better way to spend some time than reading a good book.  From the moment I turn the page to start a new adventure, to the very last page I love imagining the new worlds described and visiting new friends.  Reading a book is good, but it is even better with a cup of tea (hot chocolate if you’d prefer), a biscuit – or two, and your very own secret hide away; somewhere where you can enjoy the book and not be disturbed. 


My challenge to you all is to get creative.  Use what you have in and around the house to help you to create your very own reading den.  I created mine using the table, a few sheets, cushions and – of course - some fairy lights!  You can create your den either in the house or in the garden.  There are some photographs below to help you with your ideas. 


Remember, to take a photograph of it when you have finished.  I would love to see them all and what you are all reading.

My reading den

Some examples of reading dens I found

Ava has made this cosy looking den

Jack has created this amazing reading den

Emily has an amazing reading area

Looks like Sophia really likes her reading den

Ethan's den is so cool, he doesn't want to leave it at night!

Darci has completed the challenge with this very cosy looking den

Lexi W has completed the challenge

Mrs Pritchard has completed the challenge