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The Role of a School Governor


School governors are people from the school and local community who wish to make a positive contribution to the education of children at Rosehill Junior School.  They must be aged 18 or over at the time of their appointment.  They are elected to serve on the Governing body for a set period of time.

Our governors have a wide range of knowledge and experience between them which is required to ensure the Head Teacher and the school make the right decisions for benefit of the children and staff at the school.

Governors have an extremely important part to play in raising school standards and expectations by ensuring accountability, setting strategic direction and evaluating the school's performance.


Constitution of Rosehill Junior School Governing Body


6 Co-opted Governors

The Head Teacher

1 LA Governor

3 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

1 Clerk to Governors





Diane Douglas B.A (Hons.)
Chair of Governors

Re-appointed 21/11/2015 Expires 20/11/2023
Business interest: No business/pecuniary interest but is related to
another member of the Governing Board
Attendance 2019/20 - 100%


I have been in the role of Chair of Governors for 8 years.  I have gained the confidence and trust as well as a sound working relationship with the staff, the leadership team and in particular with the Head Teacher.  I believe it is vitally important that the Governing Body work together with the School  to give the children the best opportunities we can, by continuing to support Rosehill with all aspects of our role as Governors. 


As a critical friend to the School, my role is a strategic role and therefore I am not involved in the day to day management of the School – that’s the Head Teacher’s role.  I do however, love to visit the School to see and meet the children in the classrooms, in assembly and especially when they are performing in concerts and I also like to visit my granddaughter who is a pupil at Rosehill. My granddaughters dad is also a part of the board of Governors.




Debbie Charles
Co-opted Governor/Vice Chair appointed by the Parents/Carers of School

Appointed 14/11/2013 Expires 02/02/2022
Business Interest: No business/pecuniary interest but is related
to three members of the school staff
Attendance 2019/20 - 100%


Hi I’m Debbie Charles I’m the vice chair. I have been on the governing body at Rosehill for some time. I am a member of the Salvation Army where I’m a youth leader and I am also involved in parent and toddler groups, kids club ranging from 5 to 11 years and older kids club 11-16. This helps me keep connected to the community and also allows me to meet parents and children from all areas and schools in the Rawmarsh area.


I am a foster carer and this enables me to fulfill my role as Safeguarding and Looked After Children’s Governor. I do lots of training throughout the year on this subject.


I worked in the local job lot store previous to my fostering role, which gave me people skills and I would hope you will find me friendly and approachable! If you see me around school, please say hello; I am always pleased to meet you all :-) 



Carolyn Smyth
Head Teacher at Ryecroft Infant School

LA Governor
Nominated by the LA but appointed by the Governing Body
Appointed 04/12/2019 Expires 03/12/2023
Business Interest: Head Teacher at Ryecroft Infant School
Attendance 2019/20 - 50%


My name is Carolyn Smyth, I have been Headteacher at Ryecroft Infant School for almost 10 years. Up until December 2020, I will continue in this role at Rosehill’s feeder Infant School. I will retire from Ryecroft at that point, but as I know the children, parents and the local area well, I am keen to maintain the links that I have made. I have a range of experience as a Governor, having acted in this role for a number of years both Ryecroft and Rosehill and at another school prior to this. 


I have worked in South Yorkshire for the whole of my teaching career. I have taught children throughout the primary phase and have a lot of experience in supporting children with Special Educational Needs, having been a SENCo for a number of years, working successfully with many multi-agency professionals.  


I am proud of my work in Education and happy to serve the local community. I am dedicated to supporting the provision of the best possible opportunities for our pupils and their families.  


Adrian Hayes
Head teacher

Appointed 01/09/2021
Business Interest: Employee of the school (Head teacher)




Leah Hart

Parent Governor appointed by the Parents/Carers of School

Business Interest: No business/pecuniary interest

Appointed 01/03/2019 Expires 28/02/2023

Attendance 2019/20 - 66%


I'm Leah Hart and I used to be a student myself at Rosehill, now for the next 6 years both my children will be in the school. Day to day I work in the health service as a manager of a busy private clinic. As a parent governor I hope to represent the views of parents and support staff and make our school great.




Lauren Brown

Staff Governor appointed by the Governing Body

Business Interest: No business/pecuniary interest but does have a child in Y6

Appointed 21/10/2020 Expires 11/10/2024

Attendance 2020/21 -


I am Lauren Brown, Year 6 teacher at Rosehill Junior School. Having started a young family over 10 years ago, I was looking for a new career path to embark upon following maternity leave and decided to venture into education. Having attended Rosehill as a child myself and having so many wonderful memories, I approached the school to ask if I could volunteer whilst I studied for my qualifications. The whole school team were extremely welcoming and following a successful voluntary year, I was appointed as a teaching assistant. The school continued to support my further development and allowed me to continue my studies, assisting me in gaining various qualifications including HLTA status and most recently completing my teaching degree in 2018.


As a teacher and member of the local community, I pride myself on my commitment to education and creating the best possible foundations and learning experiences for our children. I am dedicated to my role as class teacher and feel that by joining the governing body here at Rosehill that I will be able to serve the school in a wider capacity and help to ensure our children and families have the best possible experiences and opportunities.





Jessica Sarracco

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body

Business Interest: Employee of RMBC

Appointed 24/11/2020 - 23/11/2024

Attendance 2020/21 - 


I am Jessica Sarracco, I have lived in Rawmarsh since 2014and I have 3 children which will all attend Rosehill over the following years.

Being a member of the Governing Body offers a real opportunity to become involved in the life of the school and the local community.

I feel strongly about investing in our children allowing them to grow and flourish while helping them strive to reach their full potential, the children are the future of our community.



Andy Johnson

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body

Business Interest:

Appointed 24/11/2020 - 23/11/2024

Attendance 2020/21 - 


Hi I’m Andy Johnson; I have many years’ experience in working in the NHS as a Mental Health Practitioner both within and outside of (CHAMS) Children and Adolescent Mental Health arena, on inpatient Tier 4 and the community within IAPT along with being a Mental Health Youth Worker in Police Custody. I hold a BSc in Abuse Studies and Psychology along with a MSc in Safeguarding and Promoting Children and Young Peoples Wellbeing. Additionally, I have worked on a voluntary basis as Youth Worker within my old church, and was instrumental in bring a NCS program and Church in partnership with each other allowing young people and church to see the values each side had as well as being a Street Pastor within my hometown prior to moving to Derbyshire.


My main day to day role now since leaving the NHS is that of a Foster Career along with my wife Denise. I currently have two children who live with, whilst not living in Rotherham I have worked for the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust (RDaSH) so have a good understanding of the demographics which the area is situated within.


My hometown and Rotherham share many of the same issues and growing up in an era which didn’t afford the educational opportunities that we have in the 21st century, yet many of young people in society still fall foul of within the Education, Health and Social care, my aim and responsibility both as a member of society and as a practitioner is to ensure that we as a society strive to establish and maintain a equal playing field for all our Children and Young People irrespective of their social standing or need/s, both in the here and now as well as in years to come, by being the voice of those who’s voice’s far too often go unheard.   



Terrie Naylor
Clerk to Governors
Appointed by the School and the Governing Body
Business Interest: Employee of RMBC

Attendance 2020/21