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Important Update on Term-Time Holidays


The following is very important advice from the government for any parents/carers who are considering booking family holidays in term time from the beginning of this term. A revised code of conduct for the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices was agreed by the Cabinet on 6th August 2018. The revised code of conduct came into effect at the beginning of September. The main changes are as follows:-


• A Fixed Penalty Notice should be issued for holidays in term time when a child’s attendance falls below the combined national average percentage (currently this is 95.3%)


• The time period considered has been amended to include the holiday period taken and the previous 12 months’ attendance.


Please note that a Fixed Penalty Notice may also be issued where parents/carers take children on holiday in term time without informing the school by completing the leave of absence form. Fixed Penalty Notices are currently set at £60.00 per parent/carer.


Clearly this is significant news for any parents/carers considering family holidays in term time so I felt it important to ensure everyone was fully informed about it. Rotherham Borough

Council have updated their code of conduct for the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices and this can be found on the school’s website.

Attendance Code of Conduct Policy