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Welcome to the Year 6 page. We are extremely excited to be studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare this term. During our novel study, we will be experiencing reading the original play-script and will be involved in a range of immersive activities. We have recently taken part in a battle upon the heath as part of our Macbeth work. The Norwegian and Irish forces were beaten by the Scottish army and the mighty warrior, Macbeth. Unfortunately, The Thane of Cawdor (Mrs Teather) betrayed the Scottish and will be sentenced shortly. 
During PE sessions, we will be orienteering around our school site and will be practising using maps. In science, we are learning about electricity and how circuits can be made; we are currently planning an investigation during our lessons. We are loving our French lessons! During these lessons, we are learning how to describe our daily routine. During Teach 24 (computing), we have been using the iPads to make magazines that are focused on our previous novel study, The Hunger Games. 
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Y6 Maths Learning Journeys 6H 2016



Reading Champions


Our Rosehill Reading Champions have an extremely important job in school; they work well as a team to encourage and inspire other children to read a wide range of books. Every term, the Reading Champions are given a budget per year group so that they can buy books on behalf of their classes. They take full responsibility for this and ask other children in their class which books they would like to purchase. If you are interested in a particular author and would like to read more of their books, make sure you speak to one of our fantastic Reading Champions. 


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Topic work

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Novel Study - The Hunger Games

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FILEY 2016

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Reading champions photographs

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Novel study - Macbeth

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Working with fractions

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